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CableLabs Development Lab Use Policy Part 2

Supplier Request for Lab Use

Note: To be completed for each week of lab use. By submitting this form, Vendor agrees to the terms and condition of the "CableLabs Development Lab Use Policy"

Devices should be shipped to:

Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

858 Coal Creek Circle

Louisville, CO 80027-9750 USA

Attn: Development Lab

Phone: 303-661-9100

Basic Request:

1 bench row = max of 3 engineers

$2500/day, or $12000 for five days

Private Lab Request:


Additional Benches:

1 additional bench row = max of 3 additional engineers

$2500/day, or $12000 for five days.


Engineer Names:

Basic Request = max of 3 engineers per request at any time.

Additional Engineer Names:

After-hours usage:

5pm-10pm (CableLabs requires at least 72 hours advance notice to schedule Friday evening)

$1500 per night

After-hours for Additional Benches:


$1500 per night per bench

I agree

Note: CableLabs will send an electronic invoice to the A/P contact based on the above P.O.

Cancellation Policy:Cancellations or changes to this original P.O. must be provided to CableLabs at least 10 business days prior to Supplier's "Start Date" for Lab Use. See Section 1.8, Fees, for furthur details on the cancellation policy

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